Most real estate agents dread the appointment making process, it's a daunting and time consuming task; it is also critical in creating a successful real estate business. Showingbook makes that task easier! Let our host of professional services provide you and your company with the tools you need to succeed

Showingbook's Web-Based Showings

Web-based and streamlined makes the Showing process a cinch in 5 quick and easy steps. Agents, admins and brokers can log in from anywhere there is an Internet connection and in just a few clicks of a mouse the Showing is complete. Showingbook makes it easy to schedule multiple Showings at once, saving time and saving money

Showingbook's Virtual Call Center

Showings just became easier! Don't have an admin to schedule your Showings for your listings? No worries, Showingbook's virtual call center will do it for you! Add Showingbook's toll free number to your local MLS showing instructions and showing agents can call Showingbook to request the showing


How did the home show? What did you think of the price? Would you show it to another client? Additional comments to share? Showing questions are quite often left unanswered with the traditional method of feedback. Showingbook approaches feedback in a very unique and successful way. Our automated feedback service sends a feedback request with pictures of your listing, asking showing agents to fill out a quick survey on how the property showed. You can instantly review the results on how a property is doing, and provide this feedback to the homeowner.


Showingbook offers you comprehensive reporting features on your listed properties. Each report is custom tailored to give you the most complete and accurate information on how a listing is performing

Price Reduction Alerts

Did your seller just give you a price reduction on your listing? As soon as the price reduction is reported to your local MLS, Showingbook will automatically send a price reduction email to all past showing agents. No heavy lifting on your end, it's automated! With just the click of a button you can notify showing agents of changes to your listing(s). This is an efficient way to notify interested parties of price reductions, property enhancements, open houses, etc. These alerts are sent out with a photo of the property.

Open House Email Blast

Having an open house this weekend? Once a week, Showingbook's automated open house email blast will send your open house email out to your area's active agents. Simply add your open house to your local MLS or directly into Showingbook and on your designated night your email is sent, it's that easy!

Broker Open House Email Blast

Hosting a Broker's open house this week? Great, we've got you covered! Showingbook's automated open house email blast will send it out to your area's active agents. Simply add your "broker" or "tour" open house to your local MLS or directly into Showingbook and twice a week, on Mondays and Wednesdays your broker open house is blasted to your area's active agents

URL Shortener 2Show.me

2Show.me is Showingbook's new URL shortener. What is a URL shortener? URL shorteners take longer URLs (which can be over a hundred characters long) and transform them into manageable links that almost never exceed 20 characters. URL shorteners are not new but their popularity has skyrocketed with the rise of Twitter, which only allows for 140 characters in any message

Here are just a few reasons to use a URL shortener:

1. URL shorteners make links more manageable and easier to share
2. They can track and compile click data, see where your traffic is coming from
3. They can be transformed into social media services
4. They promote sharing

QR Codes

QR Codes which is derived from "Quick Response" have become all the rage and are here to stay. QR Codes originated from Japan where they are very common and can be quickly read from a cell phone. Showingbook now has a QR Code generator, seamlessly generate your code for your business and add them to your website, your listings, your business card, etc... QR Codes are just scratching the surface and those that are familiar with them will certainly appreciate your tech knowledge, and those that aren't will certainly be inquisitive, which may open the door for conversation and a potential sale. Those that do use QR codes will definitely have a high tech know-how and may be more receptive to your presence on the web, your Twitter presence, Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, YouTube etc

Twitter Feed

Showingbook's automated Twitter API Tweets all your listing information out to the Tweetespher. No heavy lifting on your end, we do it for you!

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