Frequently Asked Questions.
Is Showingbook web-based?
Yes. Showingbook can be accessed from anywhere there is an Internet connection, even from a Smart Phone
How do listings get uploaded into Showingbook?
Listings are generally pulled from your local MLS, however you can also manually input a listing in the event you have an office exclusive, etc...
Is Showingbook in real time?
Yes. Any data entered manually or from the MLS is live as soon as it is entered
Who inputs the showing instructions?
You or your office admin can enter the showing instructions, contact info, keys, etc...
When a listing is sold how to I remove it off of Showingbook?
Once you report your listing as “sold” to your local MLS Showingbook will automatically archive it. If it’s a manually entered listing simply mark the status under “details”
Is Showingbook just for sales or can I use it for my rentals?
Showingbook works great for both, your sale and rental listings
Do you ever share sensitive information?
No. We value personal information
What type of support do you provide?
Our highly skilled support team is available from 8:AM to 12:AM 7 days a week. There is a “comments” link on the top right of every screen. Click the link, ask the question, hit send and you will receive an answer ASAP! You can also email or call the toll free number
What are agent notifications?
Agent notifications allow you to be in touch without having to log into Showingbook. You can receive notifications via SMS (text) and/or email on your showings, cancellations, feedback received, etc...
Does Showingbook support co-listing agents?
Yes, Showingbook fully supports both the listing and co-listing agent as long as both agents are on the listing in the MLS.
If I have a price change where do I change it?
Most of the time the MLS will be the first point of data entry and data changes. If your listing is pulled from the MLS make all changes to the MLS first and Showingbook will pull the info from the MLS. If your listing was entered manually into Showingbook you will need to make all changes in Showingbook. As soon as the price change is entered, a price change email blast is automatically emailed to all past showing agents
How do sellers receive feedback?
Sellers can receive feedback in a multitude of ways. You can give sellers access to their own property website (seller portal) which shows all of their past and future showings, feedback, open houses, price reductions, property info with pictures and their agent’s contact info. Depending on the notifications you allow your seller to have, each notification can have an encrypted link allowing them access to their portal. All written feedback comments received will need your approval before your seller sees it, once it’s approved it goes to the seller
What is the seller recap?
With your approval your seller can receive a daily or weekly showing recap via email. This recap will go out the day of your choice including showings and feedback
Can my seller see their showing history?
Yes. Showingbook’s robust reporting tools make viewing property history easy and informative. Have a listing that’s been hard to show because of an uncooperative tenant? With a click of your mouse you can show the seller the entire property showing history

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